3 for 1 MCSD Microsoft Exam Promotion

Microsoft Virtual Academy has just launched a new exam certification promotion; 3 for 1 on all of their exams which count toward the following Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD) certifications:

Only available until 31st May 2014, click here for more info and to book.

As I’ve previously blogged about, here, here and here, I’ve taken a few of these exams across both the HTML5 and C# Windows Store certifications and found them really good for both validating existing knowledge, filing in gaps and learning completely new stuff so would highly recommend them.

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8 thoughts on “3 for 1 MCSD Microsoft Exam Promotion

  1. Ramachandran says:


    Today (13-1-14) i registered MCSD 3-for-1 exam. this is my first microsoft exam. while on my payment i did not enter/asked 3-for-1 voucher Code.wil next two exams free or should i pay separetely for that exam. pls clarify this doubt, my mail id : ramachandranm@nousinfo.com

    • richard says:

      Did you sign up on the link in my blog post and get a code? I believe you have to enter that to take advantage of the 3 for 1 offer. It might be worth contacting your exam provider.

  2. Fakhruddin says:

    Can I register for 3 exams at a time?

  3. Klaus says:

    Let’s say you use the voucher for one exam and you do not pass it. Can I use the voucher again on the same failed exam (to retry) or not?

    • George says:

      Hi @Klaus. In answer to your question, Yes and No. I know that’s confusing, but let me explain:
      – Technically, a voucher may only be redeemed once.
      – However, if you do take the exam and fail the first time, this offering includes a secondary offer to re-take the same exam for free. (so you don’t have to repay to take the same exam if you used the voucher previously.)

      Some additional information you may want to know about how to correctly use the vouchers is below:

      1. There is a rescheduling fee for individuals who reschedule or cancel their appointment to take an exam 15 or fewer days before the scheduled date.

      2. Individuals who cancel or reschedule their appointment to take an exam 72 hours or less from the scheduled time will forfeit their exam voucher including the free retake (vouchers cannot be used again).

      3. Individuals who fail to show up for their scheduled exam appointment will forfeit their exam voucher including the free retake (vouchers cannot be used again).

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